Best answer: What does the flu mist contain?

What is FluMist made of?

FluMist Quadrivalent contains attenuated (weakened) influenza viruses. The weakened viruses are designed so that they cannot cause infection in the lungs or other areas of the body where warmer temperatures exist.

What is the difference between the flu shot and mist?

All shot forms of the flu vaccine are inactivated and made of particles of the virus. These particles are not biologically alive and therefore can’t cause disease. The FluMist is a live virus that has been altered so it replicates in the nose but doesn’t cause disease.

How long do FluMist side effects last?

Some people experience soreness or swelling at the site of the flu shot injection. And some have mild side effects like a headache, cough, body aches, or fever. These usually clear up in about one to two days.

Is the flu nasal spray as effective as the shot?

After the 2009 pandemic, several U.S. studies among 2 through 17-year-olds found that the nasal spray vaccine was as effective against influenza B viruses and influenza A(H3N2) viruses as inactivated influenza vaccines, but was less effective than inactivated flu vaccines against the 2009 pandemic H1N1 viruses.

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Is there a flu mist?

FluMist comes as a nasal spray that a healthcare provider or pharmacist will spray into your nose. The vaccine is available in one strength: 0.2 milliliters. Children and adults ages 9 to 49 years will likely need one dose of FluMist each year.

What can be done to prevent the flu?

Healthy Habits to Help Protect Against Flu

  • Avoid close contact. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. …
  • Stay home when you are sick. …
  • Cover your mouth and nose. …
  • Clean your hands. …
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. …
  • Practice other good health habits.

Is the flu spray safe?

The nasal spray flu vaccine for children is very safe. Most side effects are mild and do not last long, such as: a runny or blocked nose.

Why can’t Adults have the flu nasal spray?

In addition to the previously listed adults who should not receive the flu shot, adults should NOT get the nasal spray influenza vaccine if they: Are pregnant. Are ages 50 or older. Have a weakened immune system due to disease or certain medical treatments.

Can you get flu from flumist?

FACT: FLUMIST QUADRIVALENT is designed not to cause the flu.

Like the vaccines for chicken pox and measles, FLUMIST QUADRIVALENT is a live vaccine. That means it contains weakened live viruses.