Does Discovery medical aid pay braces?

Can Gems medical aid pay for braces?

GEMS does not have a separate benefit limit for orthodontic treatment; all claims are payable from the available dentistry limit. The benefit for orthodontic treatment is only available to GEMS beneficiaries under the age of 21 on the Ruby, Emerald, Emerald Value and Onyx options. This is a once in a lifetime benefit.

Can I get braces on medical card?

Are braces covered by medical card? Braces are not covered by medical cards, however you may seek advice from your local HSE dentist who will advise you if you qualify for orthodontic treatment by the HSE.

What can I buy with my discovery medical aid?

We pay your day-to-day medical expenses such as GP and specialist consultations, medicine, except for registered and approved chronic medicine, radiology and pathology from the available funds allocated to your Medical Savings Account (MSA). Any unused funds will carry over to the next year.

Does medical aid cover teeth whitening?

– Most often than not, tooth whitening is not covered by Medical Aid Providers. … Most Medical Aid Service Providers do not offer cosmetic options like tooth whitening as a procedure they are willing to cover.

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Which is better hospital plan or medical aid?

A hospital plan is more affordable than a comprehensive medical aid, so it may be a good option for lower-income or healthier individuals who want access to private healthcare.

How can I fix my teeth with no money?

There are several options available for those who need free or low-cost dental treatment. For instance, your dentist may refer you to a community clinic that offers dental treatment for a low fee, or a nearby dental school where you can be treated for free or at a low cost by students in training.

What do I do if I can’t afford a dentist?

State and Local Resources. Your state or local health department may know of programs in your area that offer free or reduced-cost dental care. Call your local or state health department to learn more about their financial assistance programs. Check your local telephone book for the number to call.

Do HSE pay for braces?

The HSE provides free orthodontic treatment for children who have the most severe orthodontic problems. … HSE dental surgeons can advise on eligibility and refer you to the local HSE orthodontic unit for assessment if appropriate.

What is the waiting period for Discovery medical aid?

Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s general waiting period is for three consecutive months, while the condition-specific waiting period is 12 consecutive months. The table below gives more information about the type of waiting period that we may apply.

Can I put my girlfriend on my medical aid?

Yes. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is living with you, you will be able to add them as an adult dependant to your medical aid – just as you would if they were your spouse.

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What is the best medical aid in SA?

Best medical aids

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