How do I choose a medical aid?

How do I choose a good medical aid?

When comparing medical aid schemes and deciding which to choose:

  1. Understand your budget – Most people would like the very best medical cover, but you should be realistic regarding what you can afford. …
  2. Ensure value for money – Look out for good value for money rather than premium costs.

What is the best medical aid in SA?

Best medical aids

  1. Bestmed Medical Scheme. Bestmed Medical Scheme. Photo: @BestmedMedicalScheme. …
  2. Discovery Health Medical Scheme. Discovery Health Medical Scheme. Photo: @discoverysouthafrica. …
  3. Medihelp. Medihelp. Photo: @medihelpsa. …
  4. Bonitas. Bonitas. Photo: @bonitasmedicalaid. …
  5. Momentum Medical Aid. Momentum Medical Aid.

Which is better hospital plan or medical aid?

A hospital plan is more affordable than a comprehensive medical aid, so it may be a good option for lower-income or healthier individuals who want access to private healthcare.

How much is medical aid in South Africa?

Medical aid prices in 2021: Discovery vs Bonitas vs Momentum and others

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Plan 2020 % change
BonCap 0-8520 R1 159 4.6%
BonCap 8521-13840 R1 372 4.5%
BonCap 13841-18900 R2 210 4.6%
BonCap 18901+ R2 714 4.5%

Is Bonitas a good medical aid?

Bestmed (77.4), Medihelp (77.1), Discovery (76.8), and Bonitas (74.9) come in on industry par (76.1) on overall customer satisfaction scores. Discovery, GEMS, Medihelp, and Momentum all show improved overall customer satisfaction scores compared with 2019.

Is medshield a good medical aid?

Medshield has a global credit rating of AA- and an impressive solvency ratio of over 55.93%, which is well above the regulated benchmark. It’s a financially solid medical aid with proven ability to pay members’ claims quickly and in full.

What is the most expensive medical aid in South Africa?


# Plan Annual Cost
1 Fedhealth Maxima Standard Elect R37 184
2 Fedhealth Maxima Standard R44 888
3 Discovery Essential Delta Comprehensive R54 470
4 Momentum Extender: Associated Hospitals, Chronic: State R55 864

What is the best affordable medical aid in South Africa?

Hospital Plan with Savings

Scheme Cost for principle member
MediHelp Unify R1 752
Genesis Private Plus R1 800
Discovery Health Essential Saver R1 862
Discovery Health Coastal Saver R1 862

Can I put my girlfriend on my medical aid?

Yes. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is living with you, you will be able to add them as an adult dependant to your medical aid – just as you would if they were your spouse.

Which is the best hospital in South Africa?

South Africa

ranking World Rank Instituto
1 1546 Netcare Group
2 1563 Life Healthcare Hospital Group
3 3665 Children’s Hospital Trust
4 4591 Melomed Hospital Holdings
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Do hospitals cover pregnancy?

If you have comprehensive cover, your essential antenatal consultations as well as in-hospital childbirth are covered, whereas if you have a hospital plan you will need to cover the costs of any out-of-hospital expenses.

Does FNB have a medical aid?

The FNB Health Cash Plan gives you cover to protect your income and takes away the stress of being hospitalised so that you can focus on getting better.

Can I use my medical aid at clicks?

Clicks Pharmacies are a preferred provider to most Medical Aids. We also offer health assessments which are covered by most Medical Aids. With a footprint of over 190 Feel Good Clinics & a convenient booking system, having your health assessed has never been this easy.