How much does it cost for a flu jab at Boots?

Do you have to pay for a flu jab at Boots?

Boots will offer a free vaccination to all its 52,000 colleagues for the second year running. It also runs a Corporate Flu Vaccination Service for organisations that wish to pay for and then offer their employees a free flu vaccination. For more information and to book a flu jab from September, visit

How much does it cost for flu jab?

How much does a flu vaccine cost? If you pay for your flu vaccine, it costs £14.50. You can pay online when booking your appointment. If you’re eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination you can let us know when booking your appointment and you won’t be charged.

Do you have to pay for flu jab at chemist?

You can get the flu jab from your GP or local community pharmacy. If you’re entitled to the free flu jab, you won’t be asked to pay in either location. It’s best that you get the flu jab early in the season so you’re fully protected by the time flu viruses start circulating.

Can I go to Boots for a flu jab?

Boots Winter Flu Vaccination Service offers free flu jabs to those eligible** on behalf of the NHS, for those who are not eligible for a free NHS flu jab Boots offers the flu vaccination privately*** and is available at most Boots stores. Boots UK also offers a Corporate Flu Vaccination Service to employers.

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How long does the flu vaccine last?

The flu shot offers protection against the flu for about 6 months. A person should get a flu shot every year, and the best time to get one is the end of October. In this article, we discuss how long the flu shot lasts, how often a person should have one, and the side effects and benefits of flu vaccination.

When should I have my flu jab?

When Should I Get Vaccinated? The best time to get the flu jab is from the beginning of October to early November. The vaccination takes around two weeks to start protecting you against flu, so it’s best to get it before winter flu season is in full swing.