Question: How does dengue virus evade the immune system?


How does dengue evade the immune system?

Additionally, DENV efficiently evades immune recognition by limiting the exposure of genetic RNA, which would be strongly detected by viral sensors in infected cells. Another possible hypothesis is that DENV has evolved to contain specific RNA structures that are poorly detected by those sensors.

How does dengue fever affect the immune system?

When someone is infected with dengue, the body’s innate and adaptive immune responses work together to fight the virus. B cells from the immune system produce antibodies that recognize and neutralize dengue viral particles, and cytotoxic T cells recognize and kill cells that are infected with the virus.

Does dengue compromise your immune system?

Researchers discover how dengue suppresses the human immune system. Scientists have discovered a new pathway the dengue virus takes to suppress the human immune system. This new knowledge deepens our understanding of the virus and could contribute to the development of more effective therapeutics.

Which organs are affected by dengue?

Based on the fact that the liver is one of the main organs affected by dengue35,36,37,38 and that lungs and heart are also important sites involved with the severe disease13,37,39,40,41, samples from all these three organs were considered.

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How do you get rid of a virus in your body?

The physician would recommend antiviral therapy to get rid of viruses. The treatment depends on the type of viruses and their severity. Antiviral drugs, if given within 2 days after the onset of the symptoms, will prevent the infection and replication of viruses.

Can dengue recover by itself?

Most cases of dengue fever are mild and go away on their own after about a week.

How long does the dengue virus stay in the body?

Typically, four days after being bit by an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito, a person will develop viremia, a condition in which there is a high level of the dengue virus in the blood. Viremia lasts for approximately five days, but can last as long as twelve days.

Can you survive dengue twice?

“There are four different serotypes (which can be understood as “types”) of dengue. So, if you were to get infected by the first serotype, it is equally possible for you to get infected by the second, third and fourth. It’s just that you will be immune for life against the first serotype.”

What happens if you get dengue 3 times?

Yes, dengue can strike you again and again. You can get infected with dengue not once, twice but multiple times, with each subsequent infection being deadlier than the ones before.

Who is prone to dengue?

A new study with icddr,b identifies various household and community level risk factors that increase the risk of Dengue fever virus (DENV) infection. Children older than 6 years of age are more likely to be infected by this mosquito-borne pathogen.

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