Question: Why can’t I hear with my hearing aids?

Why can’t I hear with my hearing aids?

If you lose sound in your hearing aids, check for earwax debris blocking the microphone opening and sound outlet. Make sure that your hearing aids are turned on, and the batteries are correctly placed.

Is it possible for hearing aids to not work?

The most common reason for a hearing aid to lose performance is the blockage of the sound outlet in your ear due to wax or debris. Weekly cleaning can help tremendously with this. Microphones can also become blocked or damaged by oils, moisture or even hair spray.

How can I hear better with hearing aids?

When hearing aids enter their noise setting, they tend to pick up better in front, than behind you. So ensure that the majority of the noise is behind you and as little as possible noise is in front of you. Keep the person you want to hear in front of you.

What is troubleshooting of hearing aid?

First things first: Check to make sure you have a fresh battery in your device and replace the battery regularly as needed. The most common reason for a hearing aid to sound weak or dead is that it is clogged with wax or debris. If your hearing aid has a wax guard, try replacing it with a fresh one.

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Why is my left hearing aid not working?

Check that you haven’t activated the loop setting, and if you have, switch back to the normal microphone setting. Most common hearing aid problems can be solved by refitting your ear mold, checking for wax or moisture, inspecting the tubing for blockage or damage, and replacing the battery in your hearing aid.

How do I reset my hearing aid?

Try opening the battery doors on your hearing aids to turn them off. Restart your smartphone or tablet device. Close the battery doors to turn the hearing aids back on and see if they will resync with your phone or tablet.

What happens if hearing aids don’t help?

A cochlear implant is a good next step to explore when hearing aids are no longer helping. Learn more about cochlear implants, and find a local clinic near you to speak with an audiologist about cochlear implants today at

Can you hear normally with hearing aids?

But one question we hear frequently is ‘will hearing aids restore my hearing to normal? ‘ The answer is, ‘no, a hearing aid cannot restore your hearing to normal or cure your hearing loss‘.

What is the T setting on a hearing aid?

Most NHS hearing aids have a ‘T’ setting for ‘telecoil’. When you set your aid to ‘T’, this allows you to use special listening equipment, such as an ‘induction loop’ or a telephone described as ‘hearing aid compatible’.

Can I leave my hearing aid charger plugged in all the time?

Always put your hearing aids in the charging station when not in use—even if they have not been fully drained. Constant charging will not drain the battery or shorten the battery life. … Don’t store your hearing aids in an unplugged charging station. This will drain the batteries and shorten their life.

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Why does my hearing aid whistle when I put my hand near it?

How does hearing aid feedback occur? Hearing aid feedback occurs when sound that was supposed to go into your ear canal leaves your ear and jumps back into the hearing aid microphone. The sound then gets reamplified, and this causes your hearing aids to whistle.