Quick Answer: Can I get a flu shot if I take Humira?

Can you get a flu shot with HUMIRA?

You should not take a live vaccine (Flu-Mist, chicken pox vaccine, shingles vaccine) while on adalimumab. The flu-shot is not a live virus and all patients should consider having this vaccination yearly.

Can you get a flu shot while on a biologic?

You should not get a live vaccine while you are on a biologic medication. Other live vaccines to avoid while taking biologic medications are yellow fever, measles, mumps, rubella, and other childhood vaccines.

Can you get the vaccine if you’re on HUMIRA?

Should people on certain medications not get the vaccine? (Humira, Enbrel, blood thinners) Even if you are immunocompromised, it is still very important to get the vaccine. In general, immunocompromised people are more likely to get very sick if infected with COVID-19.

What happens if I get the flu while on HUMIRA?

You might get infections more easily while you are receiving HUMIRA treatment. These infections may be serious and include tuberculosis, infections caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria, or other opportunistic infections and sepsis that may, in rare cases, be life threatening.

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What does HUMIRA do to your immune system?

HUMIRA is a medicine called a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blocker. HUMIRA targets and blocks TNF-alpha. TNF plays a role in the process that causes inflammation. Because TNF blockers, including HUMIRA, affect the immune system, they can lower the ability to fight infections and may cause other serious side effects.

Does HUMIRA shut down your immune system?

HUMIRA is a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blocker medicine that can lower the ability of your immune system to fight infections. You should not start taking HUMIRA if you have any kind of infection unless your doctor says it is okay. Serious infections have happened in people taking HUMIRA.

Should you get a flu shot if you have an autoimmune disease?

Studies have shown flu vaccines are safe for most patients with autoimmune disorders, although the overall effectiveness of the vaccinations for people with these disorders may be diminished.

Can you get a flu shot while on immunosuppressants?

People taking immunosuppressive drugs should get the flu shot, not the nasal-spray flu vaccine (also called LAIV, which stands for live attenuated influenza vaccine). LAIV, which contains live, weakened flu virus, is not recommended for anyone who has a chronic disease, including IBD.

Should I get a flu shot if I have rheumatoid arthritis?

Vaccinations often recommended for people who have rheumatoid arthritis include: Respiratory influenza. This annual vaccination is also known as the flu shot. The nasal spray version contains live virus, so it’s not recommended.

How bad is methotrexate for you?

Methotrexate may cause serious or life-threatening skin reactions. If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately: fever, rash, blisters, or peeling skin. Methotrexate may decrease the activity of your immune system, and you may develop serious infections.

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Is Humira worth the risks?

A black box warning in Humira’s label highlights the risk of serious infections leading to hospitalization or death, including TB, bacterial sepsis, invasive fungal infections and infections due to opportunistic pathogens.

Common Side Effects.

Side Effects Humira (705 patients) Placebo (690 patients)
Rash 12% 6%

How long does Humira stay in system?

It can take up to six months after the last dose for adalimumab to completely leave the body, so some effects might appear even after stopping treatment.