Quick Answer: Do potbelly pigs need vaccinations?

What vaccines do potbelly pigs need?

Vaccinations: Neutered PBPs should be vaccinated against erysipelas and tetanus. Tetanus toxoid is especially important in PBPs housed outside in contact with other species (eg, petting zoos). Leptospirosis vaccine (6-way) may also be considered, but there is a substantial risk of high fever after use.

How often do pigs need to be vaccinated?

Vaccinations are usually started at 8-12 weeks of age, boostered a month later, and then annually. Your veterinarian will determine, based on your pig’s potential exposure to pathogens, breeding status, and location of where you live, what vaccines are advisable.

What shots does my pig need?

Routine vaccines for adult pets may include: erysipelas, leptospirosis, and pleuropneumonia. Depending on your pig’s risk of exposure, your veterinarian may also recommend vaccines for Mycoplasma, Bordetella, Pasteurella, swine influenza, and tetanus. Young pigs begin a vaccination schedule between 6–8 weeks of age.

Do I need to give my pigs any shots?

Routine vaccination of growing pigs is not usually recommended but may be necessary in some pig herds. A combined parvovirus, leptospirosis and erysipelas vaccine is commercially available in Australia.

Why do vets not treat pigs?

Pigs are smart and good-natured, but treating them at your veterinary clinic can be as unpleasant as sucking on sour grapes. Strong and stubborn, pigs aren’t exactly the picture of cooperation. With no accessible veins, pigs are hard to tranquilize with drugs, and boy, do they know how to squirm!

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What do potbelly pigs need?

In the house, pot-bellied pigs need a space of their own with a bed, pillow or blankets. This space may be a large dog crate, a closet or a quiet room. If you have more than one pig, or other pets in the household, each should have his own bed.

What vet care do pigs need?


Many veterinarians recommend your pig be seen twice a year for grooming needs, check ups, vaccinations and worming. It is NAPPA’s recommendation that you absolutely visit your vet once a year to receive the appropriate health care for your pig.

Why are pigs teeth clipped?

Soon after they are born, the teeth of piglets are often clipped. The purpose of teeth-clipping is to reduce injuries caused to each other and to their mother as piglets nurse.

Do farriers trim pig hooves?

If you are not able to manage your pig for hoof trimming we recommend that your vet or experienced farrier take care of this for your pig’s health and well-being. … There are a few tools you can use to trim and maintain the length and shape of your pig’s hooves.