Should shingles be removed before siding?

Do you have to remove shingles before installing vinyl siding?

Based on all my experiences, I can safely say that yes, you should absolutely strip off the old shingles/siding before putting up vinyl. … We also replaced all the exterior window & door trim with PVC trim (and re-flashed everything).

Can I put siding over shingles?

No! You will find that it is done in some cases, but these are generally rare. If your shingles have rot or mold then installing siding over the top will effectively trap the moisture and give it a warm environment in which to flourish.

Can you vinyl side over cedar shingles?

Walls protected with cedar shingles need refitting before installing vinyl siding, but the cedar shingles can stay in place. Building codes require continuous weatherproof sheathing beneath vinyl siding, and a shingled wall does not satisfy that requirement.

Can you put vinyl siding over rotted wood?

Vinyl siding might be able to be installed over boards that are slightly weathered, but not if they’re rotted, or if the wood is soft, you could end up with a few potentially major problems. … If the wood is soft or rotted, the nails will not be secured into that surface.

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Can you put Tyvek over shingles?

Tyvek is incompatable with cedar so don’t use with cedar shingles. It eats up the Tyvek.

Can you put vinyl siding over plywood?

Vinyl siding can be installed over common wood sheathings such as plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), or other materials (e.g., foam plastic insulating sheathing). … But foam plastic sheathing does not contribute toward holding the fastener, so its thickness cannot be counted toward the total.

How do you put vinyl siding over a clapboard?

Here’s how to install vinyl siding over wood siding:

  1. Inspect the Wood Siding for Severe Damage. …
  2. Flatten Surface with Furring and Foam. …
  3. Secure the Base with a Moisture Barrier. …
  4. Modify All Openings. …
  5. Install the Starter Strip, J-Channel, and Undersill Trim. …
  6. Start Installing the Panels.

Can you install LP smart siding over existing siding?

LP SmartSide siding and trim may be installed over pre-existing wood or wood composite siding if the pre-existing siding does not affect the ability to correctly install LP SmartSide siding as detailed in LP SmartSide application instructions.

Should I replace my cedar shake siding?

Cracks and splits are part of the natural cedar roof aging process. When tiny hairline cracks get larger, cedar shake or shingle replacement is highly recommended. Fraying – This is caused by bottom edge rot. The decay is often the result of microorganisms, like moss, lichen or algae, that are left untreated.