What do you learn as a nurse aide?

What is taught in the nurse aide training program?

While in school, you will be instructed on a broad range of subjects, including infection control, communication and interpersonal skills, safety and emergency procedures, personal care skills, psychosocial needs, basic restorative services and skills, basic nursing skills, quality improvement and more.

What are the primary duties of a nurse aide?

What does a CNA do?

  • Turning or moving patients.
  • Gathering medical supplies.
  • Bathing patients.
  • Grooming patients by brushing their hair, teeth, shaving them, etc.
  • Feeding patients and documenting their food and liquid intake.
  • Checking vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Answering patient calls.

How long is a nurse aide program?

Generally, most certified nursing assistant programs take between four and 12 weeks. This is broken into instructional hours and clinical practice. A typical 120-hour CNA program offered over six weeks may include four weeks in class and two weeks in a clinical setting, depending on state guidelines.

How long is nursing aide course?

The basic educational requirement is an Associate degree consisting of a two year course where practical nursing orderly program is supervised by a licensed health professional.

How much do cna make an hour?

How much does a CNA get paid hourly? The average pay for a CNA in 2019 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was $14.25 per hour.

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What is the difference between nursing aide and caregiver?

Some caregivers needs no formal training, licensing or certifications. Nursing Aide also provide health care assistance and are mostly in hospitals or clinics where mostly (not all) are nursing graduates and formally trained to take vital signs and also prepare some examination rooms.

What is the meaning of nurse aide?

: a health-care worker usually trained and often certified to assist nurses (as in a hospital or nursing home) in providing basic patient care and services (such as bathing, feeding, or measuring vital signs of patients)

What should a CNA report to a nurse?

The CNA documents and reports important patient health information such as changes in the patient’s condition and other safety information. The patient health report should have correct grammar and spelling and correct use of medical terms.

Is a nurse a professional?

Undertaking nursing education is part of becoming a professional. … Being a professional nurse means the patients in your care must be able to trust you, it means being up to date with best practice, it means treating your patients and colleagues with dignity, kindness, respect and compassion.