What is the difference between meningococcal vaccines?

Is the meningococcal vaccine the same as the meningitis vaccine?

Meningococcal disease vaccines protect against meningitis.

Today, the vaccine is more properly referred to as ‘meningococcal disease vaccine’ because it protects against all types of disease caused by N. meningitidis, not just meningococcal meningitis. Another term for it is meningococcal vaccine.

Are meningococcal vaccines interchangeable?

A3: There are two MenB vaccines licensed for use among persons aged 10-25 years, Bexsero and Trumenba. Either MenB vaccine can be used when indicated. However, the two MenB vaccines are not interchangeable and the same vaccine product must be used for all doses in a series.

Are there different meningitis shots?

There are 2 types of meningococcal vaccines available in the United States: Meningococcal conjugate or MenACWY vaccines (Menactra® and Menveo®) Serogroup B meningococcal or MenB vaccines (Bexsero® and Trumenba®)

What is the difference between MCV4 and MenB?

These are both used to prevent bacterial meningitis. MCV4 provides more long-term protection (especially when booster shots are taken when needed). MenB provides short-term protection against a particular strain of the infection.

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Can I get meningitis if I had the vaccine?

Because the vaccines do not protect against all causes of meningitis, it is still possible that someone could receive the vaccine and still get meningitis from a different strain not protected by the vaccine. But the risk of contracting meningococcal meningitis is significantly lower after the vaccine.

What are the side effects of meningococcal vaccine?

MenB vaccines are safe. However, as with any vaccine, side effects can occur.

  • Soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given.
  • Tiredness (fatigue)
  • Headache.
  • Muscle or joint pain.
  • Fever or chills.
  • Nausea or diarrhea.

How long does meningococcal vaccine last?

For patients who received their most recent dose at age 7 years or older, administer the booster dose 5 years later. Administer boosters every 5 years thereafter throughout life as long as the person remains at increased risk for meningococcal disease.

How many meningococcal vaccines do you need?

For those without risk factors, the decision to receive the MenB vaccine should be made together by teens, their parents, and the doctor. For them, the preferred age range is 16–18 years. Usually, they need 2 doses.

Who needs meningococcal B vaccine?

Meningococcal B vaccines are recommended for people 10 years or older who are at increased risk for serogroup B meningococcal disease, including: People at risk because of a serogroup B meningococcal disease outbreak. Anyone whose spleen is damaged or has been removed, including people with sickle cell disease.

How much do meningitis shots cost?

Typical costs: For patients not covered by health insurance, a meningococcal meningitis vaccine typically costs $100 to $150 for the single required shot. For example, at CVS Pharmacy’s Minute Clinics[1] , a meningitis shot costs $159-205 depending on which shot is given.

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How many shots is the meningitis vaccine?

Two doses of the meningococcal shot called MenACWY are recommended for preteens and teens by doctors as the best way to protect against meningococcal disease.

Which meningitis shot is needed for college?

CDC recommends a meningococcal conjugate (MenACWY) vaccine for first-year college students living in residence halls. If they received it before their 16th birthday, they need a booster shot for maximum protection before going to college.