What is the process for getting hearing aids?

How do I go about getting a hearing aid?

Not everyone with a hearing loss will need or want to use a hearing aid. If you are not eligible for the government program, you may be able to get a hearing aid from a hearing aid bank, which reconditions donated hearing aids. You can ask the Hearing Services Program for information about a hearing aid bank near you.

How long does it take to get fitted for hearing aids?

How long does a hearing aid fitting take? When it comes to the hearing aid appointment and fitting, you should expect that the time you are in there for can last between one and two hours.

Do I need an audiologist for hearing aids?

You will need a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test by an Audiologist to diagnose the type and degree of your hearing loss. Some types of hearing loss are not suitable for the traditional hearing aids you might wish to buy. … This is where a full hearing test and professional audiogram interpretation is vital.

What happens at first hearing aid appointment?

All you have to do is face a speaker and stay still and quiet during the test. The audiologist will place a head set over your ears and place a thin tube into your ear canal. The audiologist will then play a number of sounds through the speaker and will make adjustments to the hearing aid(s).

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What should you not do before a hearing test?

Don’t let earwax get in between you and hearing the world around you. At least 2 days before your appointment for a hearing test, clean your ears of wax. Don’t use cotton swabs or place anything in your ear smaller than your foot. Your ears can be easily damaged if you insert objects in your ear canal.

How bad does your hearing have to be to get a hearing aid?

According to the HHF, a hearing specialist may suggest a hearing aid starting with the second level of hearing loss, moderate hearing loss. With moderate hearing loss, you have difficulty hearing sounds quieter than 41 decibels to 55 decibels, such as a refrigerator humming or normal conversation.

Do you get hearing aids the same day?

Some hearing aids are actually kept in stock and can be fit that day. … The day of your hearing aid fitting, the audiologist will fit the hearing aids to your specific hearing loss, utilizing the results of your hearing test and your subjective opinions of the sound quality.

How can I get a free hearing aid?

You will need a referral from a Qld Health or Northern NSW Hospital. Queensland’s hearing aid bank is at Princess Alexandra Hospital at Woolloongabba. Phone 07 3240 2314 for more information. When you are not eligible for free hearing aids, the buying process can be expensive, confusing and time-consuming process.

Do cheap hearing aids work?

Simply put, no — cheap hearing aids are not nearly as good as hearing aids you buy from an experienced hearing healthcare professional who is also adept at fitting and servicing these devices.

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Does mild hearing loss require hearing aids?

People with mild hearing loss are often candidates for hearing aids. … First, you will have more choices of hearing aid types and styles available to you compared with someone whose hearing loss has progressed to the point of being severe to profound. You may be able to wear smaller hearing aids, too.