You asked: What is the meaning aide de camp?

What is aide-de-camp sentence?

Meaning: [‚eɪddə’kɒ̃ːŋ] n. an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer. (1) He became Napoleon’s aide-de-camp in 1804. (2) Smith’s aide-de-camp, Jack Cunningham, is another electoral reformer.

What is the synonyms of aide-de-camp?

synonyms for aide-de-camp

  • adjutant.
  • aide.
  • assistant.
  • helper.
  • secretary.
  • girl Friday.
  • man Friday.
  • right-hand man.

Who is the current aide-de-camp?

Current ADCs

Rank Name and Date of Appointment
Captain (retired) Mark Phillips (1 February 1974–present)
Vice Admiral Duke of York (1 February 1984–present)
Honorary Air Commodore Earl of Wessex (1 August 2004–present)
Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence (1 August 2004–present)

How do I join the aide-de-camp?

16 aides-de-camp are provided by the Army to the governors, while the rest come from the Navy and the Indian Air Force. An ADC should have five to seven years of experience in the armed forces. He is selected on the basis of his professional performance and an interview.

What is ADC in military?

The Area Defense Counsel (ADC) is an experienced judge advocate who provides legal defense services to active duty Service members in Uniform Code of Military Justice proceedings and adverse administrative actions.

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How do you use proofread in a sentence?

read for errors.

  1. I didn’t even have the chance to proofread my own report.
  2. In reality, of course, they do proofread.
  3. Analysts photocopied, proofread, and assembled breathtakingly dull securities documents for ninety and more hours a week.
  4. Proofread and edit the completed document.

How do you use notary public in a sentence?

notary (public) | Business English

The completed form must be taken to a notary public prior to being signed. State law requires that the notary who affixes the seal must witness the person making the application. What is the pronunciation of notary (public)?

What is the plural of aide-de-camp?

noun. ˌād-di-ˈkamp , -ˈkäⁿ plural aides-de-camp ˌād(z)-​di-​ˈkamp , -​ˈkäⁿ

What is the synonym of aide?

synonyms for aide

assistant. deputy. supporter. abettor. aide-de-camp.

Is Harry still an aide-de-camp?

The Duke of Sussex has been made a personal aide-de-camp to The Queen. Prince Harry’s new role is an honorary one and carries few duties. However, the news is significant because it shows the increasing role that the 34-year-old has within The Royal Family.

What does an admiral’s aide do?

As an Aide, you get to handle many of the Admiral’s personal and administrative matters. It is challenging but highly rewarding duty for Junior Officers with strong demonstrated performance in their DIVO tours.

How many aides does a general have?

Although Congress has authorized general officers to be assigned up to three officer aides, their number and rank being contingent upon the general’s grade, Army regulations have traditionally limited each general to a single officer aide. Some generals are also authorized to have enlisted aides on their staff.

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