Your question: What is a normal varicella titer?

What does a high varicella titer mean?

What does a high varicella titer mean? High levels of chickenpox antibodies in your blood mean that you have had the infection before and are now immune to it.

Do varicella titers want positive or negative?

If exposure to varicella-zoster virus is suspected, despite a negative finding, a second sample should be collected and tested no less than one or two weeks later. Positive results indicate the presence of detectable VZV IgG antibodies.

What does equivocal varicella titer mean?

Equivocal: Equivocal results are indeterminate. Patient may or may not have immunity. to Varicella Virus. It is not acceptable proof of immunity. Positive: Indicates evidence of Varicella IgG antibodies and suggests past or current.

What is a positive varicella-zoster antibody?

The presence of detectable IgG-class antibodies indicates prior exposure to the varicella-zoster virus (VZV) through infection or immunization. Individuals testing positive are considered immune to varicella-zoster.

What does a varicella titer show?

The Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) Titer is a blood test that checks if you are immune to Varicella Zoster Virus, also known as Chickenpox and Shingles. It measures your antibody levels to get a sense for whether your immune system has the capability to respond to an infection with one of these diseases.

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What happens if varicella titer is negative?

What if I had chickenpox as a child, but have a negative/non-immune titer? – You will need to receive 2 doses of Varicella vaccine, given 28 days apart.

What does it mean if a titer is positive?

A titer may be used to prove immunity to disease. A blood sample is taken and tested. If the test is positive (above a particular known value) the individual has immunity. If the test is negative (no immunity) or equivocal (not enough immunity) you need to be vaccinated.

How do you prove immunity to varicella?

According to CDC, acceptable evidence of varicella immunity in healthcare personnel includes (1) documentation of 2 doses of varicella vaccine given at least 28 days apart, (2) history of varicella or herpes zoster based on clinician diagnosis, (3) laboratory evidence of immunity, or (4) laboratory confirmation of …

How long is a varicella titer good for?

Duration of Protection

It is not known how long a vaccinated person is protected against varicella. But, live vaccines in general provide long-lasting immunity. Several studies have shown that people vaccinated against varicella had antibodies for at least 10 to 20 years after vaccination.

How much does a varicella titer cost?


Immunizations, Titers and TB tests Cost per Shot
Hepatitis A Titer $37
Hepatitis B Titer $14
Varicella Titer $13
MMR Titer Measles/Mumps/Rubella $41 $13/$13/$15

Can you lose varicella immunity?

If you vaccinate children against chickenpox, you lose this natural boosting, so immunity in adults will drop and more shingles cases will occur.